TomCat IIS issue


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Okay...I've read, and re-read all the documentation on getting JSP pages to come up using IIS...and am still getting some issues with getting it all to work.

I can see stuff properly when I go to http://localhost:8080/ etc...

When I create a virtual directory through IIS on a directory inside the webapps, I can see files (ie images).
The moment I add that directory to the file...I can't see anything (even images) in that folder via http://localhost.

I've checked permissions on the .dll, I've edited the .properties file to make sure it's reading from the right JRM version and directory.

I've never been able to get any .jsp pages to work via http://localhost (even the jsp-examples) one has never worked. (Not sure I understand why we never had to create a virtual directory for this to begin with and why it would work)

Any ideas?

Sorry for the late reply.
Can you post the corresponding IIS logs? (not TomCat, but the IIS web logs for the TomCat-redirected URI requests)