tomcat is 6.0.18 to IIS 5.1


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Im having problem configuring tomcat is 6.0.18 to IIS 5.1 my tomcat is 6.0.18 and tomcat-connectors-1.2.27. I receiving an error of HTTP 404 - File not found. I dont found any errors on the logs anyone guys can help me.
As the error states the file it is requesting cannot be found. Give your default homepage a name like index.html and assure that the default document is configured to go there (if you don't have one configured, you well always haft to type out the full path in your address bar from the website's root directory to the file you are trying to access) and that your anchors are pointing to valid files.
Next you need to tell IIS that these files are a-OK, and that it’s safe to run them. In the IIS management center again, click “Web Service Extensions” -> “Add a new Web service extension..” For ‘extension name’ enter “JSP” and for the executable file, locate $CATALINA_HOME/bin/isapi_redirect.dll, check “set this extension to allowed”, and then press OK.

How to add a new web service extension on IIS 5.1? I did was on IIS website > properties > home directory > configuration > add .jsp extension and I map it to the isapi_redirect.dll.

But Im having the same error. Please help me if you have a yahoo messenger it is much better.

Do I need to add a path for the catalina home and java home at the environment varialbles at the properties of my computer
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I already configured it running I can access already the http://localhost/examples but the problem is when I accessed the http://localhost the asp I created come out not the jsp. How can I map the root directory of tomcat to the localhost and how to configure If ever I want to create a new jsp directory for example that I will put in my documents and map it to tomcat and IIS is that possible?