ToolTipFixer Memory Leak?


I have been running ToolTipFixer on XP SP3 (installed after SP3) with IE7 (installed after SP3) and SuperAdBlocker. After a day, the memory use was up to 17,756 k. It seems to grow with opening IE7 windows and adding tabs, or with opening explorer windows (file browser). I have not seen the memory size go down when these windows are closed. Is this due to a memory leak?




I just saw the memory use drop back to about 7800 k.


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There has to be a incompatibility with something you are running. Be it SuperAdBlocker or something else. As i have yet to get this kind of memory usage out of TTF.
If I start up a program that uses lots of memory, then I see the memory used by ToolTipFixer drop down to about 1232 k. So I think it is possibly just the Windows lazy style of garbage collection.

TTF tells the Win32 subsystem to trigger an update of all UI elements on the screen; specifically assigning tooltips the highest z-index to ensure they're on top.

Off the top of my head, TTF itself doesn't actually reserve any memory (though I'd have to check to be 100% certain), most likely any memory-related issues experienced with TTF are due to Win32 function taking up tons of memory (not in our hands) or with - as you mentioned - lazy GC behavior.

But I'll double-check just to be on the safe side :smile:
I just had a refresher look at the code - the more objects that are on the screen the more memory TTF will take as it needs to get a list of all active win32 elements and determine if they are tooltips or not.

It's not a memory leak, but the intended behavior. The fewer windows you have open the less memory TTF will use.