ToolTipFixer prevents hiding of mouse cursor


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Its a small bug, but I wanted to report it.

When using ACDSee 10 Photo Manager v10.0, the mouse cursor does not hide during auto slide shows. Killing ToolTipFixer.exe resolves the issue.

A possible solution would detect when the mouse cursor is hidden. and have the tooltip fixer do nothing in this state.

Thanks for making a great product!
Hi jbausewein, welcome to NeoSmart Technologies!

Thanks for reporting this bug, we've verified it exists and are considering ways of dealing with it.

However, you should know that given the nature of the program and the bug, it's probably going to be difficult to address all these issues - we're using a program to modify the nature of Windows in real-time, and that tends to open a rather large can of worms.

At any rate, we'll keep you posted :smile:

Thanks for taking the time to let us know!