It seems that the ToolTipFixer is a solution, but it is not fully perfect - or Windows itself is the culprit.

Now the "real" problem that still exists:

For private shortcuts in the taskbar the x and y hotspot of the mousecursor is used for the positioning of the tooltip, so the tooltip shows up over the icon. That is not very attractive in my eyes and it seems that that behavior is the real problem for the "behind" bug.

For minimised windows only the x coordinate of the hotspot of the mousecurser is used, for the y coordinate a integer value is used, to show the tooltip always on top of the taskbar. That is the optimal behavior in my eyes and the behind bug is not existing.

For the icons in the info taskbar region, there are some different behaviors. The tooltip for the date/time is always showed with a fixed y coordinate correctly above the taskbar - so it seems only the x hotspot of the mouse is used. All other icons in this region of the taskbar do also use a fixed y coordinate, but the tooltip does not show up fully above the taskbar but some pixels in the taskbar. So here the behind bug is in action.

I have included some screenshots to clear that behavior out.

Now the question is - can this be fixet, so that all the tooltips show correctly obove the top of the taskbar, like the date/clock and window tooltip does?

My system is XP SP3 with a "vista" skin - but the above behaviors are all the same with the original skin.



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This Alfredo, welcome to NST.

This behavior is by design, and up to the implementer of each program. While it *can* be changed with TTF, it's not our place to do so.

The default Windows behavior is to show the tooltip anchored bottom-left to the mouses current position, or slightly above it.... but this can be overridden by the application developer if he or she so chooses.

Hope that answers your question...
Hello Mahmoud,

thank you for your reply!

I thougt it would be very simple to implement a patch that always uses a fixed value for the y point if the tooltip wants to show up in the bottom 30 pixels of the screen. Your tool is always running and I think it catches some values of the message-chain to bring the tooltip-window to the foremost position. If you would observe instead the y value of a tooltip-window, there is no need to bring that tooltip to the foremost position instead you can bring it to a fixed y position obove the taskbar.

But I understand your explanation and I can live without a problem with your existing tool.

best regards