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I have always used Utorrent for my BT'ing needs, never liked anything else, but trying to help my speeds i am trying something else, i am using Vuse (previously know as Azureus). So far i am happy with it. It even lets me see visually the Swarm ^_^ i like watching the files come and go ^_^

Vuse also isnt eating up my Bandwidth, which im happy for, with utorrent it would sap all my bandwidth, while Vuse is downloading something and i still get 5Mbp/s down (which my normal is 10mbp/s)

anyone else know of a better program?

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BitTorrent client - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Nice long list at Wikipedia.

I have used uTorrent for the longest. I still love it. Most of the time when i see that uTorrent is sapping my speeds from my 4mb/s line i just pause them for while i am working online. then restart them when i leave the PC.

I have used Deluge on Linux and love it. I only use that on Linux. The Windows client is a bit buggy but still decent.

I have also tried BitComet, BitLord, Burst, BitTornado, abc, and a few others. Of all i still like uTorrent. Most lightweight and easiest to use. But that is my opinion.


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µTorrent is the best, hands-down.


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I get more seeds with Vuse ^__^ so i like it more. µTorrent is still good

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