Toshiba A300 and Vista Bus Ultimate


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I have a Toshiba A300. I would like to restore an old Ghost image of this computer but when I boot with the emergency boot disk from Norton/Symantec it says it can't find any network or the D: drive which came with the Notebook. When I try to build a new emergency boot disk from this disk it says it hasn't got the drivers for my notebook. Any ideas how I can get to restore my old ghost image to my notebook?
Hi cfra, welcome to NST

It should work without network connectivity unless you're trying to use your network to access the image. The partitions might be bad on the hard drive, hence you not being able to view thier contents. You should be able to use a partitioning tool such as GParted live to delete any partitions on the disk before you try the recovery if its giving you grief. As far as a driver for your system goes, there's little you can do there unless Ghost provides you with an option to load the driver.