Toshiba laptop satellite p-200 R5 recovery failed


God day people, so I had issues with my comp and was gong to format back to original, so I started with the disc's I made when first prchased, well the option i chose first was my BIG mistake I choose to clean the hard drive then I went to repair and well if u havent guessed allready their was nothing to repair. So now im stuck I have tried the recovery disc from your site but it didnt work it goes halfway through and gives me this error code : 0x80070002 missing d:\Sourses\Install.wim even now when I use my original created disc's (nothing came out of box) it goes part way and says missing bootmgr hit any key to restart ...... Toshiba Laptop Satellite P-200 R5 I have since installed a dif copy but none of my toshiba things work it actualy thinks its a dell now .. so if anyone know a way to get back to normal .. a fresh begining would be awsome.
Our recovery ISO (more correctly a repair ISO), is not a free copy of Vista (or W7 - you don't say what your OS is). There are no installation files on it, just the environment necessary to repair broken boot files.
If your Toshiba recovery partition is missing (try holding down the zero key as you power-up), and they didn't provide (or you failed to make) a portable copy, then you have 3 options.
Buy recovery media from Toshiba if you want all the bundled extras.
Borrow a Vista/7 DVD from a friend and reinstall using your key, not the one on the DVD.
See if MS will give you a free copy.
Opps i even re-read it to make sure i left enough info .. lol not even close the second read.

So yes its Vista Basic, I made the recovery disc's when purchased but they give me an error half way through, just around when the next disc should be added, not really sure just my buddy did it b4 and said time wise thats about the spot .. lol any way i get error 10-FC06-002 right then.

Borrowed copy, I have done that allready, but now come to think of it, that guys disc may have come from dell, cuz after i installed it, it now thinks my laptop is a dell ? Also it wont find my builtin webcam now, so far thats the only issue but its kinda a big one .. lol i do alot of video messaging, but i supose if it works i can always buy an add on type.

I have searched toshiba website, I am from canada if that helps any, lol and cant find a spot to purchase the recovery set, also my buddy says that its the same thing as whats on my recovery disc's I made when purchasing it. and well I will give them a shout, I was hoping to resolve this the cheep way.

As for MS does that mean Microsoft, do they actually have that stuff ? who/where do I check for it?

Thx for the help so far maybe after all this added mumbo jumbo u can shoot some more info my way before I give toshiba a shout .. im kinda a cheep skate :smile:
Follow the link in my previous post, though it sounds like you don't need the free disk.
Yes I did mean a MicroSoft retail DVD, not a Dell recovery disk. I'm surprised that you got anywhere at all with that, amazed that only the webcam doesn't work.
Dell will only include the drivers for the specific hardware on the model of PC that it was supplied with, whereas a retail DVD has a universal driver set for every conceivable configuration supported by Vista.
However, since you struck lucky and can boot it, you should be able to go to the Toshiba website and download the missing driver for your webcam and while you're there, get the latest Toshiba drivers for everything else too, especially the chipset and graphics.
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