Toshiba Satellite Laptop Will Not Boot

I KNOW it's the power settings. These laptops have power issues. I reset the settings this week to keep it on longer. Now, it won't boot. I have tried restore and it won't complete. The first time in restore it said there could be a hard drive issue. I just put a new SATA in, I doubt that is what it is. I know it is the damn settings, and I can't get it to restore. Anyone know a way to reset w/o boot? Thanks!


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Grab our recovery disc and run chkdsk c: /r against the drive from the command prompt. While I'm not saying the new drive is to blame it could be. How far is it going when you attempt to boot? Do you get any error messages?
There are no error messages, just a black screen after the windows logo appears. The power is on high still, the indicator lights are totally white. Thanks! Before the black screen appears, it sounds like it almost turns off and then starts again.


Sounds like you're due for a trip to a service provider. Best would be a Premier Authorized Service Provider (click "Repair" above for a list in your area). A power failure during a BIOS flash usually creates a doorstop. That's one reason most folks in the know here will recommend the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" approach to BIOS updates. There's nothing you can do to fix a corrupt BIOS. The provider will replace the BIOS chip or perhaps the system board depending on the model.
So, I just had the hard drive replaced because it was still under warranty. Now, they need recovery discs from me and will not let me bring in discs that I downloaded from the internet. They are trying to tell me that that wouldn't work and I have to order them from the manufacturer. Nothing has changed with recovery discs with Windows 7, has it?


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OEM recovery disks are a subset of a full MS DVD (just the drivers relevant to the installed hardware) and have to be for the exact make and model of your PC.
A full OS downloaded from the internet would be pirated software.
Our recovery disk (if that's what you mean) is just a boot repair facility and cannot be used to fix or reinstall a broken OS.
(Have you tried the sticky key route mentioned in the links I gave you, before you hand the PC and some cash to a third party)