Toshiba Satellite

My laptop was showing a "A disk read error occured, Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart" error each time I opened it.
I had to download the Windows Vista and Windows 7 Easy RE Support package. Now I receive this message when asked to automated repair.

"Unable to locate an active partition on startup disk 0!
Setting partition /dev/ada0s2 as active...
Testing disk health...
Checking Windows filesystem on /dev/ada0s2 for errors and inconsistencies..
Corrupted partition dected! Attempting to repair..
Integrity checks complete.
Unable to mount partition for write access. Aborting! Check logs for more details.

Unable to proceed with the repair of this volume. Check logs for more details."

I tried going to partition editor, but the laptop freezes each time I enter.
I am not very tech. savy, so if you can help me. Please try to explain it in the most simplest of terms.
Appreciate it, thank you.


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It sounds like your HDD is physically damaged beyond any possibility of a mere software repair.
If you have the original Toshiba installation media, you could "factory reset" to a new HDD and restore the latest backup of your personal files.
Alternatively, buy a new HDD and grab a copy of W10 while it's still free to avoid buying another copy of W7. (Or borrow someone's W7 DVD and reinstall using your own PC's key)