Toshiba Tecra M9 not booting from CD


Can anyone help me with booting from a recovery disk that I just downloaded from Neosmart. I changed BIOS Boot priority to CD-Rom but when I push the power button a blank screen comes up with a flashing cursor underline in the upper left corner.

Any ideas would be appreciated.
Were they the same symptoms that caused you to get the repair ISO in the first place, or is this just the boot from CD behaviour ?
If this happens with or without the CD, eject the HDD and reinsert it a few times to clean up the contacts.
If this only happens with the CD in the tray, check it on another PC to make sure the burn worked properly.
You should see "press any key to boot from CD" if you've got a good burn.
What led me to do the repair was I had Avast virus proyection on the machine. At the end of the trial period it said logging off you're dead Jim and shut down. That was a week ago. Been trying to get it working for 3 days. I am completely baffled by this.

So you're saying open the bottom panel and remove the hard drive a few times?

Also this is the only Vista machine I have, so can I use the Vista recovery CD on another machine I have XP on just to see if it boots from that CDrom? Or does the XP machine need a XP recovery disc?
You can boot it anywhere. It's not till further on in the boot that it will even know what (if any) OS exists on the PC.