Total Beginner here sorry - but need HELP!


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I am new to both Vista and dual booting. I have 2 drives in my pc (both sata) - on drive C is Vista - in vista, the second drive is showing up as Drive F. This Drive has XP on it. The XP drive was working perfectly before I added the clean install of Vista on the new drive. I have installed the easy BCD program on my Vista Drive as I read that you must make changes to the boot loader on that system. All I need help with is how to configure the bcd program to let me actually be able to log into my XP drive. Right now, I get a black screen after a boot ini error and it freezes up. Like I said, I am totally new to this stuff so any help would be appreciated please. Thank you in advance for your patience and assistance. :sunglasses:
Hey Timberwood, welcome to NeoSmart Technologies.

The problem is that your boot.ini file now points to an invalid partition numbering scheme.
You can refer to the EasyBCD Windows XP documentation in our wiki at

Pay spec. attention to Starman's boot.ini guide - that's where your system needs work.

Oh, and never apologize for being new to something, half of knowledge is admitting that you don't know.