total uninstall easybcd

I dual booted vista home prem and ubuntu 810. I installed easybcd 1.7 as the boot loader as it was the only program for vista. now I am removing the ubuntu and I would like to completly remove the easybcd and go back to the vista bootloader. Can this be done? and how?. (I use computers, i dont understand them).
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Hi Silvertree, welcome to NST.
EasyBCD is not the boot manager or the boot loader.
It's just a tool for manipulating the Vista BCD.
When you installed Ubuntu, did you use "advanced" options to prevent Grub overwriting the MBR, or have you been dual-booting through Grub ?
If Vista bootmgr is controlling the boot, you just need to remove the Linux entry from the BCD by using EasyBCD "add/remove entries" .
If Grub is controlling the boot, you'll need to put Vista back in charge.
From EasyBCD "manage bootloader", use "reinstall Vista bootloader" and click "write MBR"
Thanks Terry. I dont know what I would do without the help from forum gurus like you. However, I am removing the linux ubuntu from this hard drive and will sometime install a 2 nd hardrive for linux. (or buy a second computer so my mate can have her vista). All I want to do is completly return to vista for now. So is it possable to remove the easybcd?
Whether EasyBCD is on your system or not makes no difference to how it boots.
It does nothing except when you execute it and then issue commands to it.
You need to determine which boot manager (Vista's bootmgr or Grub) is in control of your boot. (it should say somewhere on the menu)
In either case, you follow the path I stated in the previous post, using EasyBCD as a tool to remove Linux from the Vista BCD in the first case, or to reinstall the Vista bootmgr in the second.
Thanks again Terry. may I point out three things
1. I think easybcd is a great program. its easy, its clean, and it works! what else could you want.
2. thats not the point.
3 Other than the original OS, I would not want to install any program that I could not remove.
Are you saying that once easybcd is installed that it cannot be uninstalled?
Okay, I'm going in.

Whether EasyBCD is installed or not bears no relation to how your system is booting. If you'd like to remove EasyBCD you can easily do so from Windows Add/Remove Programs (Vista/7 Programs and Features) in the Windows Control Panel.

I highly recommend you follow the advice given to you first though. See how you are booting, Linux Grub or Vista BCD. Then take the appropriate action in EasyBCD Add/Remove, either reinstalling the Vista bootloader or deleting the Linux boot entry as has been explained.

Then feel free to uninstall EasyBCD if you wish. Please understand that having it installed doesn't effect how your system boots in any way. It is what YOU have done within the EasyBCD settings to configure your bootup using Vista BCD.

Uninstalling EasyBCD WILL NOT effect how your system is currently booting in any way, so make sure you set things back to the way you want BEFORE uninstalling it.
I said "whether it's on your system or not"
Of course you can remove it if you want.
It's just a tool, just an installed app that can be uninstalled too.
You need it there to do what you want to do, either way.
After that, it's your choice.
You can delete notepad.exe from Windows too if you want, it doesn't do anything till you use it.
You can throw away your socket set when you've finished servicing your car if you want to !