Totaly messed up bootloader


I had W7 installed and i wanted to install Ubuntu 10.04 on a different partition, so when i did it didn't gave me grub2 loader to choose which OS i can load, but it just went straight to Ubuntu. Then i wanted to recover W7 bootloader and i did all kinds of stuff i found. Now, i can't boot to neither OS's. On boot i just get OS not found or something like that. I need to build Windows 7 bloader from scratch. I have windows 7 recovery disk and it wont find me Windows 7 installation. Both installations were kinda fresh so i dont have EasyBCD installed (big mistake).
I could not set Windows 7 partition to active because of some error. But that doesn't matter cause i fixed it finally after 2 days. I installed XP on partition where Ubuntu was so i don't affect Windows 7, then i installed EasyBCD and made a new BootLoader from there. After that i went to Windows 7 Startup Repair and it finally worked.