Transform BCD from one hdd to another

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Hi there...

I have XP installed on one partition on one hdd (let's call it hdd1). Some time ago I wanted to try W7 and installed it on another partition on another hdd (let's call it hdd2). I use mostly W7 and do not run XP.

So I want to get rid of XP and change old hdd1 to the new hdd3.

But BCD is on the XP partition on hdd1 and if I remove disk, W7 will not boot.

How to transform W7 partition to the new hdd3 and make it bootable??

To reinstall W7 will do the job, but to restore my all other installed programs will take at least 2 days. I do not want it.

I am thinking to make a copy of W7 partition (using N.Ghost or Acronis) and then restore it on new disk (hdd3).

But how to make this new partition bootable??

Please, help...
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