tri-boot server 2008 32, vista 32 and xp 32


Right now i have vista and xp set up as a dual boot and i was wondering if it was possible to use easybcd to add server 2008 onto the boot list. I noticed that it doesn't list server 08 in the options but it uses the same core as vista so i'm thinking it should work but if anyone has done this i would appreciate any information you have regarding this.
If you installed server 08 on the same drive or with the drive containing Vista attached, it should automatically detect the existing bcd during the installation and simply add an entry for itself.

If you do have server 08 installed already, you should be able to add a entry using EasyBCD as usual. Just select Windows Vista/Longhorn from the drop down and select the correct drive letter pointing to server 08's partition.
Thankyou kairozamorro, but now i have a new problem. The disk manager in vista says that access is denied to my c drive when i try to partition it, anyone know why this would occur, or is there a better program to use for this?
You can't modify a system partition from within the OS unless you are doing things like extending or shrinking it, espeically in Vista where it'll even safeguard partitions containing legacy versions of Windows. Remember you can't format a system which is currently booted either. You can boot from a Vista DVD or the recovery disc on this site and use diskpart to accomplish it through the command line or use a more user-friendly graphical tool like the live GParted disc.