tri boot XP, Vista, Ubuntu

i have vista, ubuntu and XP installed on my system now. i had to reinstall my XP partition as the OS got corrupted. This has now caused me to lose all other booting options (ubuntu and vista)

my system was set-up as to initially boot using grub which gave me options for ubuntu and the vista loader.
the vista loader then had options for vista and older version of windows. i can now not get anything to boot apart from XP.
i did manage to get grub reinstalled by booting live from the ubuntu CD and using a terminal to reinstall grub. which then gave me options for ubuntu and the vista loader. however when you click on the vista loader it boots straight into XP.

any ideas as to what i can do now to get all three back to how it was?
Hello TGF, welcome to NST.
It sounds like you have a mis-configured menu.lst. Please post the contents of your menu.lst, which can be found at /boot/grub/menu.lst on your Ubuntu partition, along with the output of the following command run from Applications>Accessories>Terminal:

sudo fdisk -l
The last letter is a lowercase "L".
thanks for the help
managed to get it working
had to borrow a friends vista disk and use the repair function. i am now booting into vista. haven't had a chance to add my other windows partition using bcd to the vista bootloader or reinstall grub.
will let you know if/when i do get all three back working again