tri booting

I have been tri booting for some time now. two times windows 7, and one Linux mint. I got tired of seeing in the windows boot loader the names "windows 7" and "windows 7". So, I had FreeBSD change the names to "main OS" and "gaming". All three OS's are on separate drives. I installed the Linux os with the windows drives physically disconnected so it would not interfere with the windows boot up sequence. If I wanted to use linux I would just change drives in the bios. Anyway, now that I have changed the windows names as stated above, I never see the windows boot loader and I can only boot into Linux. any help would be greatly appreciated.

thanks in advance

Mak 2.0

Staff member
The name change is only within FreeBSD where you made such a change. Any changes made to the drive name will not be reflected on the boot menu. You can only do that using EasyBCD within Windows.

As per not seeing the Windows drives to boot them, did you change the boot priority? As you stated you installed Linux with the Windows drives disconnected. But you never state that you have already tried to change the boot sequence back so that you could boot Windows.