TrialBoot with EasyBcd (2 Xp & 1 Vista)


Hi people,
I have a problem with this triple (not trial) boot (2Xp & 1 Vista)
After a BIG BIG Problem with boot.ini...
Know I'm returned with my first problem
When I start pc, I have 3 otpions: Xp1 - Xp2 - Vista

Vista is Ok,
Xp1 is Ok,
Xp2 No

When I choose Xp2... I come always into Xp1
I cant'understand why...

I think that the settings in easybcd are right... :crazy:
Hi nicecool,

You are right, it's not an EasyBCD issue.
You need to change your boot.ini file to reflect the correct location for XP2, it seems to be currently pointing to XP1, or maybe you don't have an entry for XP2 at all in your boot.ini.