Triboot Xp, Vista, And Mac Os X86

Hello, I like this program, seems to work well. I installed xp on one partition. Then on another I installed vista. And on a different drive completely I dd'd the .img file of x86 to that through an ubuntu live cd. I want to be able to get to it though to start up mac os x86. Is there a way to change the boot.ini file so that instead of booting to a mac .mbr file it boots directly to the .img file?
Welcome to NeoSmart Technologies, proztbyt3!

I'm afraid the Windows Vista bootloader is *not* capable of booting onto .img files. EasyBCD may or may not in the future add support for booting into these via custom NST scripts, but at the moment, it's not possible.

We advise that you install OS X using the normal instructions on the web, then use EasyBCD to hook into the Darwin Bootloader from the Vista Bootloader via our NST Mac OS X Script hook.

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Good luck!
I just want to point out that the install method isn't the good of way doing this. There exist OS X installers that you simply burn to a DVD and run - that's the easiest way. No more info on this topic @ nst though :smile: