Triple Boot Cant Boot XP


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I installed OSX 10.5.6, Vista and XP on my laptop.
My laptop only have one harddrive.
So I made 3 partition for the above OS-es.
I was able to boot into Mac and Vista from the Vistabootloader with ease after using the easyBCD.

But I am unable to Boot into XP.
When I try to boot it.
It restarts after a black screen.

When I try to change the drive letter.
Only C: drive is there.
While I have installed it on partition D.

And the XP partition D cannot be found on Windows Vista's My Computer.
If there is only 1 default drive that all OS are installed to.
Then I would not have to change the drive?

Please help.
Thank you in advance.
Hi Yeegf, welcome to NST.
You need to copy some XP boot files across to the "system" partition.
Download EasyBCD 2.0, which will automatically configure your XP boot.ini file for you, and tell you which files to copy, as you add an entry for XP.
Please read the sticky thread for more detail, points 3 and 5 especially.
And if its still not working after that, you may need to boot from your XP reinstallation DVD, press 'R' to enter the Recovery Console, and then run the following command:

That should fix the bootsector of your XP partition, if for some reason its messed up. The fact that your XP partition doesn't show up in Vista could be either due to a corrupted bootsector, or perhaps due to the XP partition not existing in the MBR partition table (though I must admit, that would be a very rare case).

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