Triple boot problem - 2x HDDs, 2x Win7s & 1x WinXP. How to work this?


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I've had this working before, but can't remember how i did it (i've had to format the disks).

What i want is:

Main drive (SSD): Win7 Pro 64bit

Secondary drive (HDD): Win7 pro 64 bit & WinXP Pro

With the boot screen in the order of:

Win7 Pro (HDD)
WinXP Pro (HDD)
Win7 Pro (SSD)

**** Nobody will understand why i am installing Win7 twice on the same machine, albeit 2 different drives. If you REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEALLY want to know then PM me & i'll explain, but for now, let's continue...

I've had this working before so i know it can be done, but for some reason it's not letting me do it now since the format.

I can get WinXP (HDD) to boot, i can get Win7 (SSD) to boot, but not Win7 (HDD).

The SSD is the primary boot disk within the BIOS.
I'm running EasyBCD from within the SSD.

I don't FULLY understand how to use EasyBCD so my first 2 successful attempts were probably flukes as i can't remember what i did within EasyBCD to make it possible.

I'm running the latest version of EasyBCD.
I installed in the order of:
Disconnect SSD
Install WinXP (HDD)
Install Win7 (HDD)
re-connect SSD
Install Win7 (SSD)

^^^ this is exactly the order i did it in the last time it worked.

this enables me to boot to the SSD only, from which i run EasyBCD & can then access WinXP when the PC restarts, but not Win7 (HDD)

Would really love a bit of help with this. Thanks to anyone who can.
Boot into Windows 7 with all your drives connected. Run EasyBCD, add a new Windows 7 entry, and set the "Drive:" drop-down to the drive-letter of the _other_ Windows 7 installation as viewed from "My Computer"

Add the entry and reboot to test.