triple boot problems with vista, xp, xp64


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hello! this is my first post on neosmart forums. I've read some of the other posts on here on this kind of topic so i thought maybe someone might be able to help me out here.

i have managed to set up a vista and xp on a dual boot system before.

on my current system, which had xp and xp 64 set up in a dual boot configuration, i decided to install vista 64 on a spare partition i had set aside for this purpose.

i then took easy bcd, and added the entries with the correct drive letters for xp32 and xp 64.

however when i try to boot xp32 or xp64 i get ntldr and ntdetect errors.

i am currently going to try using easy bcd to uninstall the vista bootloader for the moment so i can get my old installations working (since they have all my software that i use most for the moment.) but if anyone knows how i can get around these problems I'd really appreciate any help!

cheers guys.