Triple Boot problems


ok i have 1 hd with 80GB on it. i partitioned it into 3 partitions with 16gb each and the rest is unused space. what i want to do is triple boot with 2 server 2003 and 1 XP. but every time i try to load the os choices menu i only see 2 of the installed os and it depends on which computer i plug into which 2 i see. i have seen the 2 servers on one computer and 1 server and xp on another.

is there a way to see all 3 at once?

i was going to edit the boot.ini file to include the 3 os, but was not sure if it would give me an error is this possible? i know i can do it in linux but not sure about windows.
thank you for your info. i had deleted the partition of one of the servers last week and i reinstalled it today and it fixed the file all by itself so i didnt have to do anything. :smile:

thank you anyway