Triple Boot Question

I have Windows 7 64 bit and Ubuntu 12.10 installed on my computer. I have created empty space after W7 to install W8. What is the correct way to install W8? Does Easybcd get installed in W7, which is controlled by Grub, or should I install W8 first and then install Easybcd in W8. The process is not clear to me so I would rather not do anything until I know what I am doing! I want to be able to boot into all three, easily.

Any guidance is greatly appreciated.
Install EasyBCD in Windows 7. Create a new partition in Windows 7. Reboot with your Win 8 disk and install to empty partition. Reboot. You will only see Win 7 and Win 8. Grab your Ubuntu disk and reboot. Install Grub repair and do the recommended repair. Reboot. You will see Ubuntu and Win 8, but not Win 7. No problem. Select Win 8 and that will bring you to both Win 7 and Win 8. Boot both to make sure they work. Check Ubuntu to be sure that works. If you want Windows 8 as your default OS, there is a simple tweak in Ubuntu, just Google it.

You are done!