Triple boot setup. XP/Ubuntu/OS X


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Hello All,

I want to begin by letting everyone know that im new to the grubs and booting terms. Here is my situation:
I have two SATA drives partitioned as such:
1st HHD
partition 1: NTFS XP OS
partition 2: NTFS data storage
partition 3: FAT Shared (hopefully Ubuntu&XP)
partition 4: EXT3 empty (saved for ubuntu)
partition 5: Linix Swap empty (saved for ubuntu)

2nd HHD
partition 1: Hfs OS X

What i want to do is triple boot all three. as of now if i want to use os x i just unplug xp and i dont want to do that anymore. I don't know where to begin.
I have XP running and i dont want to lose anything as well as OS X running perfectly.
i have not installed Ubuntu yet because i don't want to erase anything from any other partitions. Im not sure what order i should have installed any of this but xp has always been there so its really important that i keep it intact.

Could someone please tell me step by step the next steps i should take to get all three to be an option to choose when i boot up.

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Well my first answer will be this. Read the sticky provided by Computer Guru talking about the issues we are currently having with OS X.

OS X Dual-Boot Problems - The NeoSmart Forums

That will answer your question regards the situation. Having XP and Ubuntu workign is no issue. But adding OS X into the mix might not work at this time.
me 2.....

i had same issue and thanks to your guys app i have not working OS's of V32 V64, and XP pro........ but i installed in order, XP, ubuntu, then V64bit then 32 bit and it. all load BUT ubuntu.

i followed

  1. Step 1
    Launch EasyBCD and go to the "Add/Remove Entries" page:
  2. Step 2
    Choose the "Linux" tab from the bottom-half of the EasyBCD screen:
  3. Step 3
    Pick the partition you installed Ubuntu to earlier from the drop-down partition list and choose "Add Entry"

but when im putting the linux entrie in im point it to the ubuntu dirve and the "native partion"

then when i try to load is states it cant find grub or something, sorry didnt write it down........ i can it you need it

should i just use grub to load em all? but i have a feeling thats ganna cause more problems
Remove the Linux entry and add it again. This time check the Box that GRUB is not loaded to the MBR. Shoudl solve your issue Rave.
that fixed it

*ego feeding comment inserted here* PROPS :smile:

its now giving some other error but boots........... LOL so who cares right THANKS

i think i need to edit my grub to NOT have all the other OS's on it............
RomeFolks, your using EasyBCD w/o Vista installed?

EasyBCD is used mainly for configuration of the Vista bootloader, not XPs.

If you have just XP installed on Hard Drive 1 at the moment, all the needed boot files for XP should reside on the XP partition. The reason I mention this is that GRUB is your best option because you can chainload all your OSes, including the Darwin bootloader for OS X. Also, Ubuntu installs that come after the installatin of Vista/XP well automatically add an entry for you to GRUB that'll chainload them. After GRUB has been installed with the installatin of Ubuntu, boot Ubuntu and open a terminal window. Issue "sudo gedit /boot/grub/menu.lst" to open GRUB's entry configuration file with administrative access. Add the following entry, save, reboot to your first hard drive, and select the newly added entry to chainload OS X from your second hard drive:

title "OS X"
root (hd1)
chainloader +1

Let us know if that works w/o having to unplug your first hard drive. After all it is possible. I mean, Apple made it possible on the Macs anyway (though they also recommend having Windows and OS X on seperate physical disks).
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