Triple Boot Setup


Hello :smile:

I'm trying to set up a triple boot environment.
First OS: Windows XP
Second OS: Windows Vista
Third OS: Ubuntu 7.04 beta

The problem is not to install these OS's but to boot ubuntu from Vista bootloader.
I don't want to use Grub, because I can't boot XP directly from here and XP is still my main system.

My first hd is completely used by XP.
The Second HD has a partition for Vista, a second partition for my files(Data) and for Ubuntu a Swap and a root partition. If I use easybcd to boot with grub, I will end up in a black screen with grub written in the upper left corner.
I'm trying it now for 2 days and I just can't get it working. Anyone can help? Tia.



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I really can't see anything in that image >.<

Do you think you could upload a non-resized version?
Thanx for your reply.
Sure I can... here it is!

In easybcd I added a linux/BSD entry with grub on hd 1 partition 4.
I think that is okay. But as I said, If I try to boot linux in grub it ends in a black screen
with the message 'grub' in the upper left corner.
Some help is highly appreciated. thx :wink:


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OK, the advice of a member here at the forums is to try putting the /boot partition on the *same* drive as Windows Vista....

So you would have your main linux install on drive 2, but a partition /boot on the FIRST drive with GRUB installed there.

Can you try that?
Oh, thanks for your answer, but I must admit, I think I did not understand that at all :frowning:
I can install the linux boot partition on a ntfs volume? Will it affect vista?
I will try it but I can do it soonest tomorrow evening.

Thanx for now, good night.

now I tried to do what you said, and now it gives me just a blinking cursor in the upper left corner. not more, not less.
I don't think it's easy to start Linux with Easybcd.

I installed ubuntu again and now I start my systems with grub.
It's just a chainloading solution, but it's working.