Triple boot Ubuntu/XP/Vista

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Hello all. I have just decided to add UBUNTU to my dual boot XP/Vista Notebook. The Disk map in Vista DM looks like this:


I installed UBUNTU after it created the two middle partitions. Everything went ok there, when Notebook rebooted, I was presented with the Grub(?) bootloader, with :

Ubuntu 7.10
Ubuntu 7.10 (Recovery)
Ubuntu Memtest
Other Operating System (Which doesnt point anywhere, so would like to remove it)
Windows Vista Longhorn (Bootloader)

Selecting the last one brings up the Old Vista Bootloader with XP and Vista only.

I followed the tutorial here: from the part where it says "Add Ubuntu to Vista Bootloader"

I assume that where it says select the partition where you installed Ubuntu, I assume that you select native Ubuntu, not the "swap " as shown in the picture?

I added Linux (called it Linux Ubuntu) Left it set at "Grub" selected native Ubuntu partition and saved it.
Now when I reboot, I get the same grub bootloader as before, and when I select Windows longhorn loader, I see the 3 entries, but when I click on "Linux Ubuntu" I get a system disk error on a black screen.

With easy BCD will I be able to boot the 3 O/S from one screen, without having to click thru two screens to get to xp or Vista?

There is also a few articles that point to setting this up, but they all point to a page not found, sadly:

Cheers Chris
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Hi Chris, welcome to NST and thanks for your helpful posts :smile:

EasyBCD should be able to address this issue for you.

EasyBCD -> Add -> Linux
"GRUB is not installed to the bootsector" (since you see it at startup, that means it's installed to the MBR and not the bootsector)
Add Entry

Then, EasyBCD -> Bootloader managment -> reinstall Vista bootloader


You should see the EasyBCD menu with Windows entries alongside an Ubuntu one. Selecting Ubuntu will bring up a GRUB screen for a couple of seconds, then boot Ubuntu. To eliminate the second menu, remove the extra entries in /boot/grub/menu.lst under Ubunut.
Thanks CG, almost there now, LoL. Just 2 questions. I have removed the extra entries in the menu.lst file and want to know if I can also remove the grub entry for Windows Longhorn (Bootloader), leaving just Ubuntu 7.10 on the grub menu. (Im still getting 2 menus)

The windows Vista Bootloader first showing:

Microsoft Windows XP
Microsoft Vista
Linux Ubuntu

After selecting Linux ubuntu, get the grub menu up showing:

Ubuntu 7.1
Windows Longhorn (Bootloader)

Carnt we now get rid of the grub menu and alter the vista boot loader to point the Linux Ubuntu entry to the bootloader for Ubuntu direct and bypass the grub menu altogether?

I also notice that when I select "Linux Ubuntu" from the windows vista boot loader, there is a lot of scrolling going on as ubuntu is loading, citing errors "unrecognized partition table for Drive 80 and other info, which repeats itself about 15 times, before Ubuntu loads. Can that be hidden at all? mainly for visual appeal more than anything else, LoL

Cheers Chris
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just needed to read more

I think i was having same issue, and this fixed it


i didnt know what that option was.............:grinning:
As long as it is fixed. That is the option i use. I find it easier to do it that way.
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