Triple Boot Vista, XP, Linux (Ubuntu)--currently using VBPro and wubi


Hi all,

newbie here :smile:

My setup is this: I was using Vistabootpro to dualboot Vista and XP. (and it wasnt exactly a walk in the park for me to do that either)

Then I tried to install Ubuntu the "safe" way.. using wubi. Only been using Linux/Ubuntu for a week and Im sold, I want to make a more "permanent" change (I read that the wubi install isnt as stable as a "real" install)

I tried to do some googling/research on how to do this with Vistabootpro and I read the best way to do this was using EasyBCD, hence my presence here :smile:

I read the tutorial on how to install Ubuntu afer Vista here:

And just a few posts ago, i saw a question on whether its ok to use EasyBCD after using Vistabootpro (w/c is what i plan to do too)

I guess those two things just told me I can do what i plan to, but I would like a little bit more hand-holding if possible please... based on personal experience, messing with the BCD settings is tricky, and i had lost an OS in the past and had to reinstall.. :frowning:

So heres the plan.. kindly comment or correct me pls...

0) Right now i have a bootloader menu with the 3 OS (Vista and XP c/o Vistabootpro and Ubuntu c/o of wubi install from windows) Works perfectly.

1) Uninstall Ubuntu (from Windows via Wubi). This should revert me back to just the 2 choices of Vista and XP.

2) Prepare a partition for Ubuntu. Currently, since wubi uses NTFS to put Linux, its not on a separate EXT3 partition. I placed it on a 10 gig space out of a 14 gig drive-partition.. in fact i placed it on the same drive i have Windows XP on.. drive D (sort of my "alternate OSes" drive) Can I still use this same setup (I read that the Ubuntu install can handle the partitioning itself). Or is it more advisable to just build another separate drive/partition using a partition manager? (it wont be a problem to have yet another drive? I already have 4 parts out of one physical drive, and 2 parts out of another)

3) heres the tricky part...

Do I a) Install Ubuntu using the CD installer WITHOUT removing Vistabootpro?

or b) remove VBpro first BEFORE the install (in w/c case I will lose the ability to dualboot to XP? or Vista? or both??

4) Depending on the above, I assume I boot back to Vista, install EasyBCD, and will it detect the XP OS and the Ubuntu OS ? then give me the multiboot menu on reboot?

Did i get it right, more or less? is it this simple or maybe im missing some key steps?

Hope someone can illuminate me..

Thanks in advance.... :smile:
0) Cool. :smile:

1) Correct.

2) Either or. Personally, I like to do all my partitioning from Acronis Disk Director 10, but you should be in good hands with the internal partitioner used in the Ubuntu setup.

3) Remove VistaBootPRO ASAP. Removing it won't affect your bootloader at all, and keeping it means supporting software stolen from the toil and hardwork of others.

4) Yep. You can either install EasyBCD before or after installing Ubuntu. Take a look at EasyBCD's Ubuntu dual-booting pictorial/guide here: Ubuntu - NeoSmart Technologies Wiki
thanks computer guru!

sorry for the late acknowledgement :smile:

will do the above tips and reinstall Ubuntu yet again.. hopefully for the last time ...