Triple Boot, Win7 (32bit), XP, and Ubunto 10.10


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Hi Guru and Terry, I think I may have asked this before, but can you give me some simple instructions for the following:
I currently have Win7 on one disk (my master disk - mbr etc), and Windows Xp on a second disk. I have EasyBCD2.2 which now just has the Win 7 entry on it because I control the dual boot using Vista HidenSeek (to preserve system restore files).

I want to install Ubunto on the second disk whilst preserving the XP system on that disk. So I guess I need an easybcd choice boot after I negotiate the Vista HidenSeek. What is the easiest way of putting the Ubunto on without stoping my existing booting.

Just make sure you don't let Ubuntu install using its defaults ( grub takes over the MBR).
Tell it to put grub in the Ubuntu partition.
I use Ubu 10.10, upgraded progressively from 8.x, so it's still using legacy grub, so this technique works
if you want to keep a single boot menu.
I'm no expert on grub2, but I think it should still work for grub2. (afaik, EasyBCD does much the same, using Neogrub (a custom grub4dos) to link to grub2. HnS also boots using a custom grub4dos.
Doesn't most VMware keep you relatively protected when you are trying to triple boot? I have not heard of Ubuntu trying to snipe on top of something else before...