Triple boot - Win7, WinXP, Ubuntu help


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Hello guys and thanks for any tips and help that you can offer. I have read the instructions, and the Wiki, searched this forum and read the topics, but don't understand. Sorry, I suppose I am not the only beginner who is clueless!

Anyway, here is the situation: a 1.5 TB hard disk with 5 partitions
- Windows XP Home SP3 on first partition
- Ubuntu installed later on another partition

Boot is via Grub (Grub2, I imagine) and works well.

- made an image of Windows XP on another partition
- upgraded the first Windows XP to Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit

Boot is still via Grub, only Windows 7 and Ubuntu displayed in Grub menu. I would now like to have a triple boot with all OS available, including the Windows XP image.

I installed EasyBCD and launched, but it tells me it cannot find the boot file. I suppose this means that since Grub is handling boot, the Windows 7 boot file is not available.

But from here on in, I have not the faintest idea of what to do.

- Does Grub have to be written to the Ubuntu partition and how to do that?
- Do I have to re-create the Windows 7 bootloader and how to do that?
- Once that is done, can I run Easy BCD and add en entry for Windows XP, or do I use NeoGrub?

I welcome any information that can clear up my doubts and get me running. Thanks for your help.



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Just manually select the BCD file from EasyBCD, then add the XP entry.