triple boot: win7 / XP / MAC OS X LEOPARD


hi everybody. Im using easybcd 2.0 and its not working. I give the order like this:
WINDOWS 7 (its already there)
WINDOWS XP (it asks me if i would like easybcd to copy ntldr ...., YES)

ok i save it, then i go to write MBR

but when i restart and try to boot to XP it says ntldr .... not found.

Mac os x doesnt appear on boot list :S

how can i make it work ?

Harddrive info: 500GB, partition 1 (100GB - win7), Partition 2(360GB - FILES / DATA), partition 3 (20GB - XP), Partition 4 (20Gb - Mac)
Hi isbest, welcome to NST.
Why are you rewriting the MBR ?
EasyBCD 2.0 | Add/Remove entries | Add Entry

If you then Use Manage Bootloader | Write MBR you'll reinstall the bootloader (i.e set it back to Vanilla with none of the entries you just added.)
You don't need to reinstall it, it's already there. That facility is provided for when you've lost the Vista/W7bootloader for some reason (Installed XP after Vista for example)
ok, i did it like that and i restarted my laptop
clcked on WIN XP i get that ntldr error
clicked on MAC OS X i get CHAIN BOOT ERROR

how can i fix it ?
I see W7 installed with an unlettered 100Mb boot partition. (marked "system" in Disk Management)
Some users' configurations aren't being handled successfully by EasyBCD in this case.
The workaround is to give the partition a letter before adding new entries to the BCD. Delete the old XP, add it again and accept the auto-configure offer.
You could help to debug the circumstances in which this sometimes fails by searching your system for the files, boot.ini, ntldr and (set folder options like this to find them) and reporting where they have been put by EasyBCD (or if it's not put them anywhere)