Triple boot with Windows 7 w/ 2 HDs


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Hi! I'm currently running Windows 7 on one hard drive, and Ubuntu and Mac OS X on another hard drive. However, in order to start Mac OS X, I need to boot from Boot-132 because GRUB's MBR from Ubuntu overwrote Chameleon's MBR for Mac OS X. I decided it would be easier if I set up a bootloader from Windows 7, which the BIOS is currently set up to run from first, to have me select Ubuntu, Windows 7, or Mac OS X, with Windows 7 as my default OS if it times out. However, after looking at the guide for Ubuntu and OS X, I'm not sure what to do because Windows 7 is on one hard drive, but Mac OS X and Ubuntu are on another. What can I do to set this up using EasyBCD? Thanks in advanced!!