Triple Boot, XP, Ubuntu & Freespire


I'm a newbie here, so please have patience.
I have installed on a 300GB HD, Win XP, Ubuntu 7.10 and lastly Freespire 2.0. Windows bootloader recognized XP and Ubuntu, but when I installed Freespire (even though I unchecked the MBR box), it took control of the boot process. When I boot now I get XP and Freespire options but doesn't list Ubuntu.

Question is, will EasyBCD work on Xp? When I downloaded it and tried, I got this message:

"EasyBCD has detectedthat your BCD boot data and MBR are either not from the latest version of Windows Vist, or don't yet exist." Then it say it can modify it if I have Vista installed. Which I don't.

Appreciate your assistance. Thanks.
Well, I guess I missed that part! I'm sure those with Vista appreciate the work you've done. Thanks for answering my post. Appreciate it.
No problem.

Anyway, with regards to your current problem: you just need to add an entry in /boot/grub/menu.lst that points to Ubuntu.

Just copy and paste the Freespire entry from there and modify the info to match your Ubuntu install.