Triple Boot: XP, Vista, and now Ubuntu...


I am currently dual booting XP and Vista, using EasyBCD to set things up. Now, I would like to do the Hardy Heron install within XP using WUBI. I've seen the Ubuntu Wiki and but it doesn't address this particular configuration. How should I go about setting up a smooth triple boot....?

We have not setup a Wiki page with the Wubi installer. Right now for a true triple boot we suggest people to do as shown in the Wiki right now. We are working on getting something done up with Wubi ASAP.

The person who created EasyBCD worked with the Wubi Team to help get it setup. So from what i know using Wubi should add the entry automatically. But i am not 110% sure on that.
Hi capatt,

I contributed portions of the EasyBCD library to the Ubuntu project for use in the Wubi module.

Just run the Wubi installer in Vista, and Wubi will hook into the dual-boot registry and configure everything in a manner 100% compatible with EasyBCD.