triple boot xp, vista, and win 7


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I started with xp on c:\ and then added vista on f:\
That worked great. At startup, i had a boot choice xp or vista. Then I added a third drive H:\ (windows 7) but I still only have two boot options: xp or vista. If i go to BIOS and change the boot order, I can boot into win7 (then I dont see xp or vista) so its there and working. How can I add it to my boot options? Thanks in advance......:wink:
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Hi cidr, welcome to NST.
EasyBCD 2.0 latest build. Add/remove entries.
If adding a W7 entry (longhorn/vista from the dropdown) fails to boot (Vista says W7 bootloader is unsigned), then workaround by setting W7 first in the BIOS, Install Easy 2 on W7 and add entries to the W7 BCD for Vista and XP. (let it auto-configure XP for you when it offers).