Triple Boot


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Hi, guys.. This is my situation:
1 Hard Disk - 3 Partitions:
p1) WIndows Vista (NTFS)
p2) Windows XP (NTFS)
p3) Mac Os X86 (HFS)

Before installing MAC OS I was Able to choose the Operating System during the Boot through
EasyBCD that asked me:
Windows VISTA or Windows XP.

Now during the Boot Appears the Darwin Interface where I Can Choose
Windows Vista, Windows Xp, or MAC OSX.
If I Choose for Example Windows Vista appears The EasyBCD boot where I Have to Choose Again If I Want Windows Vista or Windows XP.
How Can I Control Every OS through EasyBCD?
I Tried To Fix It from Vista and This is The Error Message:
Valid BCD Registry not Detected.
Easy BCD detected that your BCD boot data and MBR are either not from the latest version of Windows Vista, or don't Yet Exist...

How can I Do? Thank You and Sorry for my bad english.
You will be able to get Vista and XP working thru the Vista bootloader by just inserting the Vista DVD and repairing the boot loader. The problem lies with OS X.

As noted in this sticky thread there is a issue with the addition of OS X to the Vista boot loader currently. So at this time unless you wish to take the chance of losing your OS X install it would best to jsut keep the dual boot loaders till this issue is resolved.