Triple Boot?


Hi all,
I have vista + 7 in a dual boot conifg with the windows bootloader (not easyBCD) and I would like ot put XP on a new partition on the 2nd har ddrive (where 7 is installed)
Is this possible?
Thanks in advance.
EasyBCD isn't an alternative to the Vista/7 boot manager, just an app for configuring it.
Adding a Vista/7 system to an existing Vista/7 system will dual-boot automatically, and therefore doesn't need EasyBCD (though you can use it to custom-name your boot options etc if desired).
If you're going to add XP, that might cause you more problems, which you will be able to fix with EasyBCD.
Which of Vista and W7 is flagged "system" in Disk Management ?
If you're installing XP onto the other HDD, then you'd do best to temporarily disconnect "system" while you install XP (after you've created the space for it).
That way the Vista/7 boot process will remain untouched by XP, and you can reconnect "system", put it at the top of the BIOS HDD boot sequence and boot.
You'll see your previous dual-boot and you can use EasyBCD 2.1 to add an automatic XP entry.
If you're putting XP on the "system" drive, it will regress the Vista/7 boot, and you'll need to fix it with EasyBCD2 (after installing .NET 2.0 SP1 on XP), before adding all of the entries again.
Vista is set to System...
I want to partition the HDD that has 7 and make a partition for XP and install it there...
Will it mess up my boot files?
Can I just follow the guide in the wiki?


Screnshot of diskmgmt - I want to partition Disk1 to put XP on

SYSTEM has Vista
Windows 7 obviously has Windows 7 :smile: DATA belongs to the Vista OS
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Yes it will.
Unfortunately you've ruled out my first scenario by creating W7 in a logical drive.
Why ?
There's no need to use logical drives unless you need at least 5 partitions on a HDD.
Since you now have no primaries, that HDD can never be bootable without the other.
You'll need to follow the XP after Vista/7 tutorial and fix the boot after XP regresses it.
You'll also need to hack XP after installation to stop it from destroying all your Vista and W7 backups and restore points.
I didn't set it to logical drive :frowning: Windows did that on its own...

Is there any way I can make it primary?

SO basically I just follow the tutorial through as if I were dual booting, right?

Thanks for your help
You'll have to use a 3rd party partition management utility such as Acronis Disk Directory or Partition Magic.
Yes and Yes. (unless you have a 3rd party partition manager which will make W7 primary, in which case post back for different instructions)