Triple Booting 7/7BitLocked/Ubuntu?


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OK, I like to tinker with stuff. That's how I learn. But, sometimes I blow stuff up in the process. I'd like to not melt my current configuration if I decide to try this. I'm trying to get away from doze completely. I've been on it since 3.1, but in the last year or two I have become very unhappy with it. Long story short: I got hacked hard on XP and old hardware / security software. I had to upgrade my skill set, my OS, my software and my hardware. There's still tons for me to learn. But, I think I'm picking up pretty quickly. When I got my shiny new box it got infected. It took quite a while to get it straightened out. I upped my skill level and it works great; for now. Until some butthead figures out a way to write a new type of virus that gets around all the extraordinary measures that I had to use to make a win7 box somewhat secure. And most of that was not letting it connect directly to the net anymore (Ubuntu VMs) plus a ton of other junk: sandboxes, virtualization, AV, yada, yada, yada. I bet my box could run 3x plus faster without all that crap. While learning and fixing I tried to go with 11.04 straight on the shiny new box. But, trying to figure out how to install the driver for my NVidia card was very confusing. And, as far as I could tell there were no *nix drivers for my sound chip set at all in 11.04. And writing one is so far beyond my skill level that I just gave up and used 7 as the host. Right now I'm dual booting 7 and 7. I set it up this way because of security concerns. On the main install I have the LGPE locked down so hard it's not even funny. But, some stuff wouldn't run that way (games). So I set up a second boot for the games and locked it with Bit Locker. I did that so that I when I booted the second (less secure) install it would mount all the virtual drives in my main install as read only. That way if the second install gets infected then it should not be able to pass the infection to the first install. So when I boot now I have two choices: win7 system and win7 games. If I want system I just hit enter. If I want games I have to have the Bit Locker USB key plugged in. I want a third option without $%^&* the first two. I have tons of room on the HD I'm not using and it is all chopped up in to lots of virtual drives. I'd like to take one of those unused partitions and give it to Ubuntu so I can experiment with new releases. As soon as one comes out that will run all of my hardware I'm switching. (At my skill level, as long as the hardware will work I can usually figure everything else out eventually.) But, in the mean time, while I'm experimenting I need to know for a fact BEFOREHAND that if I give my boot over to GRUB or EASYBCD or whatever that I can still get into the "Bit Lockered" drive. Worst case scenario I'll have to restore an image of my drive, but that takes all day!!! And it's headaches I'd like to avoid. I've been reading the boards here and some of it is still a little confusing to me. How would I proceed to triple boot 7/7BL/UB? And, lets say 11.10 won't run my hardware: Then how will upgrading to 12.04 (or whatever) when it's released effect the triple boot? (Kaboom / have to do some tech stuff / no effect.) I appreciate any and all help. Thanks.