Triple booting with XP Home, XP Pro and Vista Business


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For the moment I have XP Home Edition on the primary harddrive and XP Professional on the second harddrive.
For now everything works perfect.

Now I have a HP Personal Media drive , 160 GB NFTS system, and I plug it into my PC via USB 2.0 .

Now I want to install Vista business on it. I do not want to upgrade from XP Professional to Vista Business.

The question is will this work?
If this works then I have to modify Vista:s bootsetup using EasyBCD.

When the boot menu appears I should have 3 menus. 2 of them will show Earlier windows version and the other Vsta. How can distinguish between the the two earlier versions? They have the same menu name, or do they not?

After fixing this is it possible for me to set one of the xp versions as default or do I have to keep Vista as default to avoid corruption because of future updates?

I hope this wasnt to much....

No installing Vista on a External drive or any drive connected by USB will not work. Microsoft has removed all capabilties to due such a thing.

From what i hear you can use a WinPE setup to get it working. But it is a tough situation at best.