Triple booting with XP ,win7 RC and Ubuntu 9.04


This my first thread.I am not a geek.I had XP and later installed Windows 7RC.Last week due to space constraints fixed second hard disk.With the help of other forum I managed to transfer Win 7 partition to the second hard drive duly installing Easybcd on the first hard disk Then I
ventured to install Ubuntu on second hard drive and installed finally.
Now when I boot the PC Grub comes first to select the desired OS and default is Ubuntu.I would like to change so that the selection starts from XP WIN 7 and Ubuntu in that order.In the process I do not mind removing Grub altogether as long as I could boot into ubuntu.
Hope this forum consider my request and suggest step by step method if it can be done .Thanks
Hi Joe, welcome to NST.
Is there any particular reason why you don't want grub controlling the boot ?
If it's just that you want W7 to be the default system when you boot, in Ubuntu navigate to boot/grub/menu.lst and you'll see a line saying Default 0.
Look down the list of boot options and count how many options come before W7.
Set that number as the default. i.e if W7 is the 4th option in the list, edit the dfeault line to
default 3. (it counts the 1st as 0).
Set the line
timeout 30
to the number of seconds that you want the boot menu to wait before taking the default option
timeout 5
will generally be long enough to enable you to select a different option without unduly delaying your normal default boot.
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