triple boots


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I have EasyBCD latest version and it works fine with Windows 7 and Vista.

Windows 7 is on one drive and Vista on a separate drive,

I then added XP on a new partition on the second drive

When We try to add xp to the boot loaded the drive letter is greyed out.

it still adds the entry but when selected the screen goes blank

The Vista partition is set as primary and the Xp partition set as Primary and active

the win 7 and vista boot ok

Does anyone know what we ahve done wrong ?

Thank you
Hi Mr Bear, welcome to NST.
Build 65 ? (yesterday)
Did you let EasyBCD auto-configure ?
The drive option is greyed to stop you changing it. EasyBCD knows where it should be. (not necessarily the XP partition)
Delete the XP entry, add it again, let EasyBCD 2.0 auto-configure the XP boot.