Triple to Dual: How do I reconnect after wubi uninstall.


I have triple boot now.

1. WinVista
2. Ubuntu via Wubi install that made the grub easy for me to find using EBCD.
3 Neogrub via EBCD with lot of Puppy Linux and Ubuntu in frugal install.

Need to uninstall wubi version of ubuntu and only use the frugal version.

How do I tell Neogrub to make an entry in the now only Vista thing.

I managed to do it more by accident with Wubi already installed but forgot to write down how I did it.

And I know too little about MBR and such and don't want to disturb Vista.

So what sequence do I ahve to do to find the one that place the boot entry so I see it when computer wants to start? I never done that before and don't understand the how tos. too much to look at. I ahve a deficit being overwhelmed by too much info, need more like a specific for this purpose and not many many options. Hope you can have patient with me.

I am not asking just for me. Another person wanted to do frugal install too and EasyBCD seems best to use and we want to learn how to do this.
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