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I can't be the only one trying this, but after spending 10 hours on this I am so frustrated that I just want to run XP.
My hardware is a NC6320 Notebook (HP) I upgraded to a 320 Gig Harddrive. I used PartG to set up 3 equally spaced drives (~ 100Gigs each). I installed Vista Ultimate on Drive C. I installed Windows7 Beta on drive F, My Cd rom is Drive E. I tested this by restarting my computer and Windows gave me two options, they both worked great. I then added Windows XP to Drive D. I rebooted figuring I would have three options. I got none, the machine booted into XP. I could see the three drives in XP but I could only boot into one. I then researched this product EasyBCD and found I was able to push one of the three operating systems to boot on. I was able to get two to work, but never three.

What did I do wrong, should I reformat the drives and re-install the operating systems in 3 logical moves: XP->VISTA->7 ???
I don't think this will make a difference.



I found the latest EasyBCD (beta) and installed it, still did not work. I deleted all Entries and re-installed them one at a time, Vista and Xp share the same drive. Anyway when I clicked on the Xp "add entry" a new window popped up (one I had not seen in the previous release) Basically telling me about where and what XP was expecting. I entered the recommended entry and rebooted. All three systems are there !!! Slick having three or more operating systems.

Anyway great product keep up the great work.

My next question will be how do you hide the operating systems from each other, before I post that one I will review the postings here.
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Welcome to NST Ronnie.
You need to hide Vista (or W7) partition and any partition containing software installed on those OSs, from XP. That's because those are the drives for which system restore needs to be active, and if XP can see a restore folder from a later system, it will mistakenly identify it as corrupt (they changed the format).
The simplest way to do that (if it works for you) is described here.
Try it, and if you can't see the contents of the Vista and W7 partitions in explorer when viewed from XP, then you're fine.
If it doesn't work (It didn't for me), then you can use HnS to hide Vista and W7 from XP, and you can read my thread(s) on how to customize that into a neater single menu.