Triplebooting trouble


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I'm currently trying out windows 7, and I already have Vista and XP

Windows 7's bootloader has been giving me problems. It won't see XP. I also tried Using EasyBSd to add an XP option, which shows up, but I can't make it boot. It simply reboots my PC again.

Also, is there anyway to rename an option in the boot loader menu? For some reason, 7 and Vista come up as *operating system* (Restored). This is later though.
Hi Chuck, welcome to NST.
Have you read the sticky thread ?
Make sure you're using the latest build of EasyBCD 2.0. Delete the previous entry then add it again and let it auto-configure the XP entry for you when it offers.
You can alter the names of the menu items using the "change settings" tab.