Tripple Boot Help.

Hello, I currently have vista preinstalled and have installed windows XP pro. It works fine. I dont think I useed easybcd because for some reason it didnt work. I dont know how to do any of this stuff so heres my question.

So I burn the mac (leopard) iso to a disk. I boot up the installer and then a screen should come up asking which partition i want to install to and i choose the one that i made for mac. Once I do that and reboot is it going to reboot into mac? If so how would I go about making it go to the boot menu where I can select xp/vista/mac leopard? I have no idea how to use easyBCD but any help would be appreciated.

Hello Andy and Welcome to NeoSmart Technologies!

First answer. Yes. When you install OS X it will boot right to OS X and not Windows. You will have to use the Vista DVD and get the BCD back to boot back into Windows. Then from there use EasyBCD to add OS X entry.

Mac OS X - NeoSmart Technologies Wiki

Read the documentation there for all info we can provide in the process.
Ok, I need some more help please :tongueout:.

So now I need to know. Im following this ( guide. I dont understand a few parts. (Forgive me for being so paranoid but this is a brand new laptop and I dont want to break it and such.) So first off,

What is darwin?
I dont understand what Im supposed to do at this part.

Make sure you're on the desktop of your Windows installation.
Press WIN+R to open the Run prompt, then type DISKPART and press Enter.
Now we're going to use DISKPART to create a HFS+ compatible Mac partition that we can boot off.

Follow these next set of commands:

DISKPART> list disk
Will show you a list of selectable disks

DISKPART> select disk n
[where n = the disk number]
This will specify which disk to create a new partition on, assuming you have already used the XP Install Disc, Partition Magic or Windows Disk Management to set aside some unformatted space. If not, and the drive you want to install Mac OS X on is empty, just follow the instructions immediately below for creating a partition.

DISKPART> create partition primary size=n id=af
[where n = the size in MB of the partition, however if no size is specified then the remaining space of that drive is used]
[where af = hfs+ compatible]
Will proceed to create a bootable primary partition for the Mac

For example: create partition primary size=100000 id=af
This will create a 100GB partition for Mac OS X.

DISKPART> list partition
This will show you the partitions on your selected disk

DISKPART> select partition n
[where n = the newly created OSX partition]
This will specify the partition

DISKPART> active
Will make your OS X partition the first-boot active partition

Leaves DiskPart...

Whats the windows installation desktop I dont get that.

And am I supposed to create the partition and then use EasyBCD to act as if its already installed so when it is installed I can boot into it?

Last (2) questions:

When I install everything and mac starts what do I do with the vista installation disk to get to the tripple boot?

I only have 2 ghz would that have any effect on having 3 os's?

Thanks to whoever helps me :tongueout: And thank you Maka for your help so far.
Okay first Darwin is the Mac OS X bootloader. As for the rest i am sorry but we can not help you get OS X installed.

NeoSmart Technologies does not in any way, shape, or form condone the use of "warez" or otherwise illegally installing OS X on non-Apple (generic) hardware!
EasyBCD provides a way for users to boot into an already installed OS X partition on Vista-powered PCs. NeoSmart Technologies will not provide help pertaining to the installation or obtainment of OS X redistributables. We are assuming you have one of the official (and very much legal) dev-kits released to OS X developers in the pre-Macintel production era! Do not ask for help in installing OS X unless you have such a dev-kit!

Sorry but you will have to go to the forum with the guide you are following to get your answers. We can not help you get OS X installed.
If you're worried about breaking the laptop............ you should not be installing OS X on it. That's non-verified code not written by Apple that hasn't been quality tested nor does it come with any reasonably guarantee of satisfaction.