Tripple boot, need to reinstall xp


Ok hope i can get some help here, my problem is i need to reinstall xp which is the first partiton of drive 1, on partition 2 of the same drive is Vista x86 and the third partition is Vista x64... now i use Hn's for hiding xp from vista and also all my boot information is on xp partition, How do i go about reinstalling xp?.. will i have to reinstall my vista's as well?... please dont tell me it has to be that way...:ldown: thanks...
No you just reinstall XP and from there go about downloading and installing EasyBCD and HnS again. Use the Vista DVD or EasybCD to get the Vista boot loader back and use HnS to hide XP again. No need to reinstall all of them.
You shouldn't need to download HnS again, since you run it from Vista which won't be changing.
It might be a good idea to run it and select uninstall before you reinstall XP so that you clear all traces from the system before you start messing with the boot by reinstalling XP then repairing the Vista Bootloader.
When you've got back your dual boot all working, run HnS again before you test your XP boot, (though it might destroy Vista's restore points during the install process)
Alternatively, leave Vista hidden while you reinstall XP, and then fix the Vista boot, but you'll probably need to do a bit of a manual clean up of the HnS files before you can rerun it.
(see post 129 in the sticky HnS thread)