Tripple Boot Question

Dixon Butz

New Member

I currently have a triple boot configuration. 2 Win XP's and 1 Vista. Basicly I installed XP then Vista then a clean slipstreamed XP Service Pack 3 RC2. Kinda disappointed that SP3 still wipes the Vista bootloader. Thought maybe Microsoft would have taken into account that some people would install SP3 on Vista systems and preserve the Vista bootloader. No big deal for me anyway.
Currently there are 2 entries in Vista bootloader. Vista and XP. When I select XP, this brings up the XP bootloader so I can choose SP2 or SP3. Is there any way to boot directly to my XP's using the Vista bootloader? If so, how would I add it to Vista boot loader?

Hi Dixon,

First, welcome to NeoSmart Technologies.

Yours is a question we went crazy wondering over, and spent many months testing and experimenting to find a workaround. Unfortunately, the answer is that it's simply not possible. The Vista bootloader cannot choose which XP install to boot into, that functionality must be relegated to the second boot menu (NTLDR).

However, we've developed a program called Vista Hide 'n Seek that - amongst other features and options - allows you to boot Windows Vista and multiple XP installations from a single menu (albiet not the Vista one).

You can download it and give it a shot from here: [Download] Vista Hide 'n Seek BETA - The NeoSmart Forums