Tripple boot Win 7 PC-BSD and Zorin - Zorin not working


This may not be a EasyBCD problem, but if not you guys can help me determine that.

I boot to win 7 or PC-BSD just fine.. added Zorin 5 which is Linux and based on Ubuntu.. I believe they use Grub2. If I set EasyBSD to load from Grub is doesnt do anything, if I tell it to load Grub 2 it starts to boot then gives me a command prompt almost right away. The thing is, if I select Grub2 in in the easyBCD menu it tells me its autoconfigured even before I have the option of telling it which partition to look in. Could it be it's "auto configured" tool is not working right? Is that something that is built into EasyBSD?

I do not know where to look / who to look to to resolve this problem, you guys or the Zorin people.
You need to find out

a) If it's grub or grub2
b) Where the menu file is located on the Zorin partition

As I have never heard of Zorin before, I won't be able to help without this info.
I am waiting on a reply from them now. In the meantime, if you took a moment to look over this thread it may help shed some light on the problem.Zorin Group Forum View topic - Help me install Z5 Core in existing ntfs partition I will get back with you asap, thank you.

BTW Zorin is a Windows like Linux OS based on the latest Ubuntu designed to be easy for a Windows user to get into Linux. More info here: Zorin OS - Home They even sell hardware with the OS installed or dual booting with Windows 7 as well as offer a free version and paid for ( donationware) upgraded versions of the OS. It's starting to get popular so it may be to both your advantages to get this working.
I am sure that it will be working once he finds out more about it. But it isnt to his advantage at all. It is to the advantage to the users. I can tell you that while they may have a following, there isnt a dire need. We have been around for many years and this is the first any of us have heard of Zorin. So its not like it is main stream that we have users beating down our door to have it supported.

I hate such Distributions. "No risk of getting infections". That is such a crock. The only thing that should be said is that an infection written would have to be specific to this distro. So while the chances are slim, there is still a chance if someone wanted to do it.

Apple bragged about the same such thing for years. Now look at them. Ubuntu has had infections spread among their distro. To say No Risk is a lie to all users. There is always a chance. Just depends on if someone is willing to waste their time writing and infection to get the 25 people that use it or write an infection for the millions that use Windows.

Sorry for the rant, but it is disturbing that these lies are published on their sites. Linux is not immune to infections. They are just far more rare. So yes while they are not vulnerable to Windows based viruses, they have their own to worry about.
I agree with you in many ways Mak. I am a Linux user heck even a PC-BSD user (FreeBSD) and I see security holes being filled all the time.. it's just that there arent as many people exploiting these holes, but that don't mean it cannot happen. I do like the less Linux more windows theme of Zorin as well it's speed.. even in a VM its very fast. They boast faster than windows 7 or Ubuntu though I don't know if its true. I know in a VM it runs so well you don't hardly notice your on a VM. That's the appeal to me, that's why I wanna give it a good test of my hardware with a disk install.

So far I have found out it is Grub 2 they are using. with the auto install it installs to here: "9. underneath the window where you can see you partition list is a bar asking you where the bootloader should be installed, it should say something like:
/dev/sda ATA xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. this is normally the MBR (master boot record) of your hard drive."

But I do have the option in gparted to choose the root partition for Zorin. I have tried this way of course as this is the recommended way to use it with EasyBCD. Otherwise they referred me to this page: Grub2 - Community Ubuntu Documentation, but that was just a guy helping out.. not official support.. i have sent a message to the official support people ( now that I got someone to tell me who to contact) and I will reply after they look into the thread.
The Answers: Zorin OS uses Grub2. The menu file is located in /boot/grub/grub.cfg on the Zorin OS root partition. Zorin OS uses the same bootloader and installer as Ubuntu as it is based on it.
Thanks. OK, all that checks out and should be compatible with the latest released EasyBCD. This means that there is something wrong with the Zorin/Ubuntu installer in that it isn't creating the menu file on your PC during setup.

EasyBCD can load the menu, but if it doesn't exist, it can't do anything unfortunately.