tripple booting xp, vista, ubuntu 8.10

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Hi Im new to vista and ubuntu flatform and I want to try it for good. Is there anyone can help me or give me a guide on what to do to tripple boot my pc using Ubuntu 8.10, XP SP3 and Vista Ultimate. I already downloaded the 32bit version of ubuntu 8.10.

Anyone can help me or give me a material to read for instructions.

The first thing is to avoid installing Grub into the mbr when going to set up the triple boot with Vista and ubuntu along with XP there. I ran into that one here fast enough. Grub being the Linux boot loader needs to installed to the root or system partition for ubuntu.

Once you have a working dual boot of XP and Vista you can install ubuntu last since you would need the EasyBCD tool for editing the newer form of boot loader seen now in Vista. The EasyBCD tool also includes NeoGrub another form of the Grub boot loader for seeing ubuntu added into the Vista boot loader. EasyBCD will also run on XP as well as Vista in case you need to restore the Vista boot loader to default for some reason.

The main page for guides is seen at But what would help you further are some "stickies" or other guides written by certain members if not mods here on the forum. One of those guides is on how to dual boot Vista with ubuntu while that can also help with XP already added into the Vista BCD.
Install XP > Install Vista on a seperate partiton > Install Ubuntu onto another partition of its own and create a swap partition (1GB well do) > Reboot the computer and select Vista/Longhorn from the menu that appears > Donwload EasyBCD if you haven't already done so and recover the Vista bootloader under "boot loader management" > Go to Add/Remove Entries and then click on the NeoGrub tab and make sure it is not installed > Go to the Linux tab, type in a name for your Linux entry, select its partition from the drop-down list, check grub is not installed to mbr, and than finally hit the add entry button > Reboot and test the entry.

If the entry worked correctly, you should get a second menu like the one you saw the last time you booted the computer with the same entries. Select the entry for Ubuntu and verify that it is working. If not, tell us the partition layout of your system so we can go from there.
I'll be installing Mandriva 2009 in a dual boot with ubuntu 8.10's 64bit release on a separate ide drive from the two satas now seeing an XP/Vista dual boot along with both HnS and the 1.7.2 latest version of EasyBCD out. Mandriva however will automatically add any other OS detected into it's pwn boot loader unless I first see the pair of sata drives unplugged and later use the NeoGrub option to see both distros added into the Vista boot loader.
NeoGrub in the automatic configuration well use the first linux partition it can find with menu.lst on the drive you point to for the linux entry you are adding. So you need to copy over any other entries from the other distros and adjust them accordingly depending on your primary boot device so they reference the correct disk.
The problem that will be seen once Mandriva goes on is that it's own boot loader wants to take over. I had Mandriva 2006 on earlier on the second XP drive here and you could load the XP/Vista dual boot while booting from the second hard drive since it listed Windows. It's a more advanced loader explaining why I have to keep both sata drives unplugged so as not to interfere with the current working dual boot.
Kalyway OS X? Sorry i'm ovbiously not a Mac user here, so never heard of it. If its basically an edtion of OS X you'd go in the same fashion as described above installing it, your Windows installations, and than finally Ubuntu with the repair of the Vista bootloader so you can load it by adding an entry using EasyBCD to Vista's bootmgr.
You're not the only one that hasn't spent any time with Apple/Mac. The first thing to do to some extent is getting familiar with the boot loader for that OS and understand how NeoGrub works. NeoGrub is more or less a spin off from Grub4Dos as Computer Guru had explained. That allows for cross platform multibooting with various OSs.

As for Grub4Dos itself you can look over the tutorials as well as general information on that at
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